gather :: create is the creative collaboration of Leah & Ellie. Our workshop and creative events are about getting lost & found in your own practice of making and discovering your creative journey. We find visual creative artists to share this skills and techniques with you, while taking you on a day-long exploration of play-based creativity.

Our events focus on slowing down and talking with the materials at hand. Rather than having a preconceived idea of what you want your outcome to be, our hope is that you immerse yourself in the making and discover the joy and pleasure along the way. In our experience the results of your creative time are more innate and heart-felt when made and created with a quiet meditation toward your practice. Instead of looking always outwards at this world of over-visual stimuli, we encourage you to spend time learning who you may be.

Leah Deighton lives and works from her beautiful forest home, in the outskirts of Mullumbimby. A hands-on mama to her two children, Leah divides her time between her online shop sang the bird, freelance photography and design work, and spending time developing her craft quietly. Often with her daughter at her side. Leah shares her daily gratitude with her Instagram friends, find her here (@sangthebird)

Ellie Beck is a multi-disciplinary creative working from her home studio surrounded by forest on the outskirts of Murwillumbah. Alongside her husband, Ellie runs Deadwood Creative - crafting jewellery out of broken skateboards. Her main love being textiles and yarns, Ellie works with crochet, screen printing, sewing, stitching, weaving, natural plant dyeing and loves the feel of natural materials in her hands. Ellie's two children are a constant alongside her creative practice, and have helped Ellie search for the quiet within family life. You can follow Ellie's daily Instagram images here (@petalplum), or read Ellie's much-loved blog Petalplum.